The Steps Of Selling Your Home Online With Kondo

Kondo is a revolutionary platform that makes the home selling process a whole lot easier. Find out the steps here.

Connecting buyers and sellers together for the first time, Kondo is a revolutionary platform perfect for those of you who are hoping to sell your home online. With a simple step-by-step process and a helpful team on-hand to hold your hand every step of the way, the journey couldn’t be simpler. Read our blog to find out the steps and how to sell your home online with Kondo.

Step 1: Sign Up

Before you get started, you must register with Kondo to set up your very own account. Once you have an account, you can use the Kondo platform as much as you like and will gain access to a nationwide community of buyers, our dashboard and a plethora of documents full of useful and helpful advice.

Step 2: List Your Property

Spread the word about your available property by listing it on our website. To create a successful listing, you’re going to need professional photos of your property as well as a brief description of your home and its key features. Plus, you’re going to need to set an asking price for your home, so that users can gage what you think your home is worth. Read our blog for advice on how to set an asking price for your property. To help you gain as much interest as possible, we have three membership options for you to choose from, each including their very own specs – see our list of membership options here.

Step 3: Connect With Buyers

Once you have listed your property with Kondo, the buyers will come flying in and it’s your responsibility to make sure your home stands out from the crowd. Without a middleman estate agent working on your behalf, you are in charge of making your home shine, so make sure potential buyers know all about your property’s hidden gems and don’t forget to mention any good points. No one knows your property more than you do, so use this to your advantage.

During this time, it’s important to remember that you must remain friendly when connecting with potential buyers and always be on-hand to answer any questions they may have, otherwise they could lose interest.

Step 4: Arrange Viewings

You’re almost there – you’ve found someone who loves the look of your property and wants to come along for a viewing. When arranging a viewing, it’s important to be flexible; everyone has a busy lifestyle and as a seller, you need to be understanding of this. As a Kondo user, you’re completely in charge of the process, so it really is up to you and the buyer to set a date and time. If you’re a first-timer and need advice, read our blog on how to conduct the perfect property viewing.

Step 5: Secure A Sale

This is the final step once everything has been agreed and your home has officially sold. Now, it’s time for a new chapter and you will have a new place to call home.