Why Summer Is A Great Time To Sell Your Home

Rumour has it that summer is the best time to sell your home, but is that true? We share our thoughts in our blog.

At Kondo, we know our fair share of property-related news, and have heard through the grapevine that summer is the time of year to sell your home. The longer, lighter days tend to encourage people to spend their time house-hunting, so if you’re hoping to sell your home quickly and successfully, you may want to consider choosing a summer month to do so. Find out why.

Preparing For Autumn

Although summer is notorious for holiday getaways, this isn’t always the case and more often than not, home buyers will spend time searching for the perfect home in summer, so they can be fully settled in before autumn/ winter arrives. For some, the urge to move in before winter will be because of the cold, wet weather; after all, nobody wants to be bogged down by the stress of buying a new home in the cold with the added stress of Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year. For others, a house move will be to facilitate the new school term that starts in September, which is great news for you if your home has nearby access to a school.

The Weather Is Looking Up

During the summer months, the weather tends to improve and we can finally say goodbye to rain, wind and dark skies. This might not always be the case for those of us who live in the UK, however we may occasionally see a glimmer of sun and with this comes positive attitude and upbeat vibes, meaning that home buyers are likely to be more optimistic when viewing your property.


Summer is arguably the most sociable time of the year and a great time to host the perfect BBQ or party. If your home is the perfect venue for socialising with friends, this can work to your advantage; potential buyers who enjoy hosting a party or two will take a shine to your property and will find it easier to imagine themselves living there.

All in all, there are multiple positives associated with selling your home in summer, however it’s important to bear in mind that there could be some pitfalls; with a crowded market place, you’ll need to be at the top of your game, making sure that your property stands out from the rest.