How To Set An Asking Price For Your Property

If you’re struggling to settle on an asking price for your home, read our tips and be on your way to home selling success.

Settling on an asking price for your property can be challenging; set it too high and you could scare off potential buyers, delaying the selling process entirely. Set the price too low and you’ll give the impression that there’s something wrong with your property and you could end up selling for far less than you should. With Kondo, you’re completely in charge of the entire process and will be responsible for setting your own asking price. To make sure you get it right, continue reading to discover our helpful tips and set the perfect price for your home.

Compare, compare, compare

A good place to make a start is by taking a look at comparable homes in your area. If there are homes in your neighbourhood for sale online, take a close look to get an idea of what’s being charged per square foot and discover the property’s condition to compare and see how your home differs in comparison.

The property market

Staying fully up-to-date with the property market is important; things change fairly quickly and house prices can rise or fall at any time, so keep up to discover whether or not you can be optimistic about the price of your home.

Be realistic

When setting an asking price, make sure your figure is realistic. This isn’t the time for making random combinations of numbers, so asking prices such as £582,374 aren’t appropriate and will attract the wrong sort of attention.

Your home and its area

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an asking price for your home, including the age of your property, number of bedrooms, wear and tear, room layout and more. In addition, your home’s local area will also play an integral part; homes with access to nearby transportation or local schools will have a higher asking price due to the added convenience.

Although you may be happy with the asking price you’ve set for your property, it’s important to bear in mind that it may not be the price you receive upon selling; home buyers are likely to barter and make various offers before settling on a final sale price. However, if you get the price right, you’re bound to sell your home quickly and successfully for a price that’s right for you.