How To Photograph Your Home

High-quality photos are needed to advertise your home successfully and secure a sale. Find out why and how.

If you’re hoping to sell your home online and want to obtain as much interest as possible, one of the main aspects to get right in the initial stages are the photos. First of all, this may feel unusual for you to be taking your own images to advertise your home, but don’t be too worried; at Kondo, our helpful team will always be on-hand to give you as many pointers as possible in order for you to advertise your home’s true potential.

When searching for a new home, homebuyers are likely to form a shortlist of their favourite properties, which is why it’s so important to make sure your home stands out with impressive, high-quality photos. If you’ve chosen to use Kondo using our gold package, you will have the added advantage of having three photos as your main picture, which will definitely make your property stand out from the crowd and encourage more users to take a look at your profile.

To make sure your photos are a huge success, the first thing you’ll need to do is prepare your home as if you were conducting a viewing by tidying up, inside and out; potential buyers don’t want to see your shower gel at the side of the bath or your dishes piled high in the kitchen sink. Plus, having a clean, tidy space will encourage potential buyers to envisage what they can do with the space available.

As for the rest, we have it covered. Take a look:

Outdoor Photos

1) For your external shot, try and take your photo on a sunny day; after all, everything looks better and brighter on a sunny day.
2) If you have a driveway, move your car so you can see more of the outside of your property.
3) Take some time out to trim your hedges and bushes, and don’t forget to neaten up the lawn.
4) Try to take a photo of your house only and don’t include neighbouring properties to make sure there’s no confusion.
5) If your property is located on a busy road, wait until there is no traffic. You don’t want potential viewers to be put off by a main road before they’ve even taken the time to investigate further.
6) Take plenty of photos at different angles and then ask the opinion of someone else, so they can tell you which photos show your house off best.

Indoor Photos

1) Take photos during the day when the lighting is better, turn on your lights and always use your flash to ensure everything is as close to real life as possible. The lighter the room, the better the photo.
2) Take the photos from the corner of the room as this will give you the best angle, and will show the room’s true potential.
3) Make sure your home is empty during your photography session. Although your pets are adorable, potential homebuyers don’t want to see them in your photos.
4) Keep an eye out for mirrors as they will reflect the flash you’re using, but they will also reflect you, and you don’t want to be in the photo yourself.
5) Make sure you take plenty of photos so that you have a selection to choose from.
6) Eliminate background distractions by placing toilet seats down and turning all TV and computer screens off.
7) Add the finishing touches to your home and buy some flowers for the dining room table or add some colourful cushions to your living room sofa. 

The one thing to remember when taking photos of your property is that they will generate the viewings, so a good place to start before posting online is to make sure that you are happy with them. To gage other people’s thoughts, ask for their opinion and retake them if you receive any negative feedback. Creating a positive first impression is key with so many available properties online nowadays, so take note of our tips and get snapping.