A Checklist For Those Who Are Moving Home

If you have recently bought a new home, you’ll soon be ready to move out. To help, here’s a checklist of all the things you need to do to make the process less stressful.

Moving property is a busy time for everyone involved; not only do you have to pack away everything you own, you also have to make sure it arrives safely to your new home, amongst many other things. If you’re losing sleep over the moving process, don’t panic. In this blog post, we outline everything you need to organise before and during the big move, in order to relieve stress and make the process easier for you. Organisation is key to a successful move, so get your pen and paper at the ready to take notes.

As soon as your offer has been accepted on your new home, it’s important to make sure that you start organising things early. Although your move may seem like a lifetime away, it’s important to make sure certain things are in place, including the following:

  • Should you have children, now is the perfect time to transfer their school records and purchase any new uniforms they need.
  • If any of your possessions are valuable, check for insurance policies to make sure they’re transported safely. Arranging this early is best to avoid complications.
  • Decide which furniture you’re going to take and what you’re going to leave behind or sell. To help, create a list so nothing is forgotten about.

Now you have the basics all sorted, now is the time to start making small preparations. Next steps include:

  • Settle on your chosen removal company and make sure you check feedback using review websites, such as TrustPilot or reallymoving.com.
  • Collect boxes and packaging materials in preparation for packing. Your removal company may be able to supply you with these, so make sure to ask.
  • Have your new home cleaned between old owners moving out and you moving in. Doing this before you add your furniture will save time and make sure your new home is as good as new ready for your arrival. 
  • If your new home requires new carpets, fittings and furniture, now is your time to place orders and book fitters.
  • Start packing the non-essentials and clear out least used rooms, such as the loft or shed. If the journey to your new home is a long one, consider booking overnight accommodation.
  • Arrange pet and/ or child care for the day of your move. You could even ask friends or family. If you have food in your freezer, start to use in order to empty before the day of your move.

Now that your initial preparation is complete and your move day is just around the corner, it’s now time to make sure you tick off the following from your to-do list:

  • Pack away all important documents into a sturdy box for safekeeping, including passports, wills, insurance papers, jewellery, and driving licenses.
  • Make sure all your packing is complete. This may seem obvious, but sometimes things can get missed. To avoid this from happening, make a list and make sure all your belongings are accounted for.
  • Similarly to the above, label all boxes to keep everything organised. This will also help to make unpacking a whole lot easier.
  • If you’re keeping your fridge and freezer, make sure they are completely defrosted and dried before the big move.
  • Wash and dry all clothing and/ or unused bedding to make sure everything is ready to unpack as soon as you move in.
  • Let the post office know of your new address and arrange for a mail redirection service.
  • If you’re going to be spending the night somewhere before you move into your new home, pack an overnight bag with all the essentials, including pyjamas, a toothbrush, and toiletries. 
  • Inform family or friends of your move, and make sure you have someone ‘on call’ in case you need help on the day.

The day of your move is finally here and emotions are running high. However, it’s important to remain calm and organised, continuing to tick things off your list. Here are the things you need to sort on the day of your move:

  • Take a record of all utility metres and take photos of them using your mobile phone.
  • Strip all beds in your household and pack away bedding ready to wash in your new home.
  • Pack a small pocket knife to make unpacking easier when arriving to your new property.
  • Make sure all fragile boxes are accounted for and that your removal company knows how carefully to handle them.
  • Leave all sets of keys in your old property ready for the new owners.
  • Make sure your removal company has your emergency contact details as well as full directions to your new property.
  • Check all windows and doors are securely shut and locked.