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    The Kondo Approach

    We like to be different and stand out from the crowd. So after years of experience in estate agency and property development, we came up with a revolutionary way to buy and sell houses and the Kondo concept was born.

    Kondo is not another repackaged take on estate agents. We’re something totally new, stepping into a completely new space.

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    Fuelled By Digital

    We’re a social media platform allowing both buyers and sellers to create individual profiles and connect directly with the right people, cutting out the frustration, the stress, and the financial implications associated with using the middle man estate agent.

    In this digital age, social media popularity is booming; the majority of us already run most of our lives via social media, from meeting new people, maintaining friendships, organising events, to running businesses. So why not use it to sell your property or buy a home?

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    The Property Market Combined

    Welcome to the future of selling houses.

    Welcome to Kondo